That time of the Month | Mini Jam 97

Make it through the week while getting stuff done and taking care of yourself.

The goal of this game is to raise awareness of the added layer of work that being on your period adds to regular life. I've oversimplified some parts (no pain, discomfort, multiple collection methods) and definitely exaggerated others (you don't need to go Home every time!). 

How to play

Make it through the 5 days by doing enough Daily Tasks at Work, grabbing something to Eat at the Restaurant, having a Break at the Park - and most importantly - timing your Bathroom Breaks at Home! You will lose if you don't get enough Daily Tasks done, if you Starve or if you Leak too much.

If you make it you will be able to see your performance.

Have fun!


  • Move: Arrows or WASD to move around
  • Daily Tasks: Move or Press Space while in the Work area
  • Eat: Walk through the Restaurant
  • Have Fun: Walk through the Park
  • Bathroom: Walk by your Home


This game was made for the Mini Jam 97. The theme was ‘Simulation’ and the limitation was ‘Movement is Lethal’.

I decided to create a game that simulates going through a week, having to get the same done as usual but also dealing with your period on top of that. To apply the limitation, I made Movement advance time and fill your collection method which makes you lose if not managed.


All assets created by me unless listed below.

Font: Amaranth (Google Fonts)

Known Issues

There are a few issues in the current Jam version:

  • Stuck on Day 6 - There's only 5 days, so the Day 6 screen is a bug which prevents the Results from showing. When you see the Day 6 screen, clicking any Arrow Key should trigger the results.
  • Small UI on some devices - In some devices (i.e. retina laptop) the UI can become very small or not fit into the browser window. Scrolling down should allow you to see it.


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(1 edit)

I got 1 leak my first try and was happier than I was productive, something I could take a bit more inspiration from in real life.

A lot of nice details, like how the hunger grows, but the fun is draining out of you. Good balance between the tasks, I first thought I could just take turns passing through the park or restaurant when going to and from work but because their placement and balance the loop never became as repetitive as I thought it would be.

And super cute art! Love it!